Thursday, September 20, 2012

Palmetto Charleston Lager

Over this past Labor day weekend my family and I took a trip down to Charleston South Carolina and stayed in Folly Beach. While there I saw this and thought it would be fun and interesting to try. So I picked up a six pack from the local Piggly Wiggly to give this a try. This is brewed and bottled in Charleston, SC by the Palmetto brewing company. They clam to be souths oldest brewery, circa 1880, and use steam in the brewing process. This here is their Charleston Lager 5.4% ABV. This Lager pours a dark gold to an orange color and is light, I could see through the glass. There was a quarter finger white head that dissipated quickly. This had lots of little carbonation bubbles racing towards the top with some little lacing but not much. Not very exciting in the looks department on this one, but most lagers don't have extremely good looks, some do but not this. The smells on this are of wet paper and some dry corn, not very pleasing at all. There was a hint of a tin scent, like a tin or aluminum can/foil. The taste on the Charleston Lager was not at all great, I found there to be a metallic taste that was a little dry and the tiniest bit bitter. There was a little malt taste around the metallic taste but it's not a good taste. The finish on this is dry and metallic, a tiny bit bitter and just bad. This is not good, not even they slightest bit crisp and refreshing. This is the first time having any of Palmeto's beers and if this is anything on how the rest of their beer are, I am not impressed or does this make me what to try any of there other beers. But I might be wrong about their other brews, but I am skeptical. Over all I would give this a D, just because it is boring tasteless and to me not well brewed. But it is not bad enough for me to pour this out, but close though. I would rather I have a Shiner Blond. I don't recommend this at all. But you might try it and like it, I just did not like it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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  1. You're nuts. This is a great beer.