Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shiner Hefeweizen

Well I've just reviewed a similar beer to this Blue Moon Summer, so I though I would review this, Shiner Hefeweizen, 5.4% ABV. This Hefeweizen ale is brewed with wheat, orange and lemon peal with clover honey added and is unfiltered, and bottle conditioned. That means that this hefeweizen keeps brewing in the bottle. You will have sediment in the bottom of the bottle. So yes it is similar to the Blue Moon Summer. This comes from Shiner Texas out of the Spoetzl brewery, named after Cosmos Spoetzl the founder and head brewmaster way back in 1909 when he founded the brewery. But any way this pours a dark hazy orange color with a barely any head, it faded away fast. Not much lacing on this either and there is lots of carbonation. There is lots of citrus scents. Oranges and lemons dominate here with a small hint of sweet clover honey. I didn't get much wheat scent on this but there was a very small wheat like scent. This has a nice wheat taste to it, much better than Blue Moon Summer's wheat flavor. There is a big orange flavor that covers you tongue as the sweetness from the honey, but it isn't a honey taste, just sweet like honey, finishes it. I didn't really get any of the lemon or any tartness from the lemon, which is okay because I don't think this needs that at all. But the lemon did add nice flavor to the overall citrus flavors. The finish is a nice wheat and orange flavor. This is not heavy on the wheat, but medium bodied, crisp and refreshing. You don't want a heavy wheat beer on a hot or warm day, fill you up and could make your stomach upset. The Shiner Brewery is a better brewery than Blue Moon, but Blue Moon still does a very decent job, but Shiner does it better. This hefe is a better beer than the Blue Moon Summer, because of the better wheat flavors and the nice sweet citrus flavors. I like them both, but this Shiner Hefe edges out the Blue Moon Summer. I like Shiner beers a but better than Blue Moon. Shiner has more interesting and great flavorful variety of brews. The beers Shiner brews aren't not the same like some of the Blue Moons and have more of a new twist on the old world brews.  I give this a A, just one step better than the Blue Moon Sumer. Try them both and see for yourself and you might be pleasantly surprised. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

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