Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newcastle Summer Ale

Ah yes there is a little bit of summer left in the world and it comes from England. This is Newcastle's summer ale, an English bitter at 4.4% ABV. Not so big on the alcohol level, nice. This beer is a seasonal beer and it only available in the summer months. This Newcastle is nearly going most stores are out of this or going to be out in a couple weeks, days. Newcastle already has the fall seasonal beer out, Werewolf. Newcastle summer pours a clear light amber with a fluffy white two finger head. There is a bitter hop  and malt scent with a big grassy floral note there too. I found it to be a much different scent to a summer ale than what I am normally used to. This Newcastle's taste is of nice malted citrus and a nice bitter hops. This has a nice crisp balanced flavor to this as well and is medium bodied. The finish is a nice low bitterness that has a low mild wine character to it. Finishes very well nice crisp and is a bit refreshing. This Newcastle Summer Ale is a nice change from you typical summer beer. This is a beer you can have a few of, because of it low ABV percent. This is not the best summer I've had, but the fact that is different from all other makes it a good, as does its well balance and good tasting. This is well done and overall a good different summer ale. I give this a B overall. Would I have this again, yes and I have since I first came across it three years ago. I would have this again next summer, but I think this could be good year round. Well done Newcastle. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!  

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