Friday, September 7, 2012

Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat

This is the last of Blue Moon Sumer Honey Wheat ale 5.2% ABV. You're not going to find this on your store shelves. Most summer beers are nearly gone if not completely going already. Blue Moon has replaced this with They're Harvest Beer, which is a pumpkin ale, and is a good solid beer. Try and pick one up if you can. Blue Moon brews all of its beers as wheat ales, what's keeps them different is the other ingredients in they're seasonal beer, like here in the summer beer with clover honey. This honey comes from bees that feed primarily on clove nectar of clover plants. But as always there is orange peel in this like all Blue Moons have, and most wheat or Wit ales have. Blue Moon is a half way craft brewer due to the fact that Coors owns them and I would say it is similar to Shocktop by Anheuser Busch, but Blue Moon is better in my book, has more of a craft feel to the whole brewery and they're beers. Blue Moon has a few awards to they're name. The Summer here has the 2010 GABF (Great American Beer Festival) gold metal for specialty honey beer. This isn't a new beer been around for quite sometime now, even had a name change from Honey Moon to Blue Moon Summer. This wheat here pours a nice deep orange color with lost of bubbles big carbonation, they do cling to the sides as they go. There is no head it was so thin and went very quickly. How's this smell, well it has a sweet scent of honey and a touch of a citrus note, kind of orangey. There is also a very faint flowery scent. On the first taste I got a hit of orangey wheat and then on the back of that there was a big honey sweetness, but was crisp and refreshing. The wheat in this is very light, not like most wheat ales, German and otherwise. The key tastes in this is orange and honey. Blue Moon Summer has a nice crisp sweet finish that is of a nice sweet honey orange. This is not the best wheat ale, but this is an awesome summer ale and very well balanced, crisp, smooth and refreshing. I've always found Blue Moon to brew great beers, but I still think this is a half way craft brewery, because 98% of they're beers are so similar to each other being mostly wheat ale, being the three flagship brews. They do brew a nice Belgian Pale ale, Winter abby, Peanut Butter and a Raspberry Cream all just to name a few. Blue Moon is creative I will give them that and I like that. Overall I would give this an A- just because the wheat aspect of this isn't great, its good enough, but they have nailed it with everything together on this. I will continue to have this as I have done and go and pick some up and try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  


  1. I clearly remember the Blue Moon bear from my year in Charlotte. Great blog post Evan!

    1. Yes it is easy to find all of Blue Moon's offerings here in N.C. as well as in the USA, not to sure if it's sold outside of the US. This Blue Moon Brewery is own by MolsonCoors, Molson the biggest brewing company in Canada, and Coors, on of the biggest here in the US.