Sunday, October 14, 2012

Estrella Damm

¡Hola! It's another beer from around the world this Lager beer comes to use via Barcelona Spain. Estrella Damm at 5.2% ABV has been brewed since 1879. This is the largest brewery in Spain. The back of the label it does say the this premium quality beer embodies the vibrance and tradition of the city it represents. That's a little deep for me. I don't see how a beer can taste like a city or would I like ti to. Estrella pours a sharp golden straw color with a medium to thin white had that went quickly, but did leave nice thin lacing. Lots of nice carbonation bubbles streaming off the bottom and racing up to the very thin head. Tons of light coming through the mug on this one, I can clearly see right though. There really isn't any sizable aroma on this lager. I did get a somewhat yeasty or dough scent that was a little different for a lager. Not a lot really going on the aroma with this Estrella. Not a bad thing though. The taste of this lager is a slight yet faint metallic taste with a little faint sweetness there. Not a lot of huge standout taste here. But the tastes that are there are solid, and good. This beers carbonation does not tingle on your tongue, but on the back of your mouth. Estrella finishes well witha tiny bit of sweetness and  cleans up nice in your mount with out sticking around. It is smooth easy drinking and crisply refreshing.  The aftertaste is mild, crisp, clean, smooth, and refreshing. This is a beer good for a sporting event, you can have a more than two or three. Over all I would give this a C-. Not the best European lager I've had but still good. Not any really distinctive flavor in this for me to rate this any higher. I do like this enough, but I would not hurry back to this when I need new beer, but I would drink a few of these. I would kind of recommend this. So you can pick up a six pack of this Spanish fellow at Mike's Discount Beverage, 4700 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209, and come check out our amazing selection of fine wine and great beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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  1. Wow! I didn't know estrella damm could get that far, all the way to the USA! Great review, Estrella is like the typical beer in Catalonia, you can find it in every bar, and it's kind of representative of the city because they organize many events through the year. You can come during september, when Barcelona celebrates it's major party, and Estrella organizes a big free concert in its factory! They're also related to “mediterranean culture”, each year they record a TV advert which has become quite a summer event and where they explain a typical summer holiday here in the mediterranean coast.