Thursday, October 4, 2012

Natty Greene's Southern Pale Ale

Here's to another North Carolina beer, Natty Greene's Southern Pale Ale, 5.2% ABV. This comes out of The Natty Greene's Brewery in Greensboro North Carolina. This is a year round offering from them and is widely found through out North Carolina. I have had a few of Natty Greenes other beers before but not this pale ale. This is the first time I've had this. This Southern Pale Ale pours a nice medium orange color with a two to two and a half finger with big bubbly bright white head. It is kind of clear but not so much. There is nice lacing in this, it really laces nicely around the glass. Very nice looking head. The aroma of this pale ale is very grassy, and green oily/sappy leaf like. There is a nice sharp hop note they too but it smell a bit oily, but not overly hop oiled. Overall scent is like fresh growing hops with a hint of grass and green leafs. It's a nice aroma on the beer. Southerns taste has a hoppieness that is a bit bitter, but nice, and nothing overly hope like an IPA, but close. The mouth fell is medium and the taste stay on your tongue for a little bit. it does go down less bitter but still a nice about of bitter hop flavor there. The finish on this is hoppy, and refreshing. Finishes less hoppy then it starts. Overall I would give this a B-. I found it leaning more towards an IPA in the hop department, and a Pale Ale should not be that hoppy. I don't mind IPA's or extra hoppy beers, it was just that the bottle said pale ale and I felt it was more like an extra pale ale or a lower hopped IPA. Would I have this again? Yes I would, but not to much, not because of the high ABV, which it does not have. I think that after two or tow and a half of these the hops in this would get a little to much, so I just give this a B-. Not bad. Good stuff. I enjoyed this. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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