Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thomas Creek Class Five IPA

Another beer has come to me. This here is Thomas Creek's Class Five IPA, 5.5% ABV, from Greenville South Carolina. An IPA is an India Pale Ale, originally brewed in England with more hops than a normal pale ale in order to make the long journey to India. But now most IPA are enjoyed around the would, especially in the USA. But this is more of an American IPA This Thomas Creek IPA pours a copper almost red color witha big fluffy white rock head that does stick around a while. Not to much carbonation on this, but a little, with not a whole lot of light coming through. The aroma on the Class Five IPA is very hoppy with a tiny lemon scent that almost non existent. I did get a greenery scent too, semi-grassy green leaf. The amora had a bit of a sticky topical fruit scent to it as well. This really does smell like a true American IPA. Class Five has a big hop taste that starts out nice with fresh hops and the kicks you with a big hop bitterness, but nothing like a double, imperial, or triple IPA would. There is some bready taste in here as well. The bitter hop flavor has a medium mouth feel and does stay in your mouth for a little bit after each taste. There is bits of a grassy leafy taste too, nothing over baring. Nice though with hints of pineapple and a tiny mango. The aftertaste is a little more bitter, but doesn't stay long and cleans up well with a tiny creamy clean finish with a hit of fruitiness. Over all I would give this a B+. Nothing really wrong with this, it is that I found the hops in this to be more present than anything else but not over whelming or to powerful, and the other aromas and flavors were somewhat muted by it. I would love to have this again and again. I highly recommend this one and you can head over to Mike's Discount Beverages 4700 Park Rd, Charlotte NC, 28209 and see me and pick one up, and let me know that you read about This, Class Five IPA here on The Best Beer Blog. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

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