Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great Lakes Brewing Doppelrock

Doppelbock lager has got to be one of my favorite beer styles, and this here is Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland Ohio, Doppelrock, Doppelbock coming in at 7.8% abv.  But Doppelrock is a only a seasonal beer, offered February though March in four packs. Doppelrock pours a deep rich black color with a khaki head that fades into nice tan lacing. There isn;t any carbonation bubble on this and ni light coming through due to it dark color. You know when I first poured this I could really get the aroma on this a little. The aroma of Doppelrock is chocolatey roasted malts with a tiny bit of caramel coming though. Nice dark fruit a little there too. Very nice aroma on this. The entire aroma really makes you want to drink this doppelbock. The taste on Doppelrock, is almost taste like it smells, there is a nice roasted chocolate malt up front with a little dark caramel fruit right behind that. This has a medium mouth feel and the taste really stays in your mouth. Very flavorful doppelbock here, quit nice too. The finish is nice sweet malty full and rich. The aftertaste is just like to the taste but a little less, just as good. All the flavors aren't as strong on the aftertaste but are just as delicious. So overall I'd give this an A, really a great doppelbock, but not like Ayinger  Celebrator doppelbock. Doppelrock is really really close to how good Celebrator is, a very very very close second. I really highly recommend that you get Great Lakes Doppelrock. So come to Mike's Discount Beverages, 4700 Park Rd, Charlotte NC 29209 and see me for Doppelrock and all your fine wine and great beer needs! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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