Friday, October 26, 2012

Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale

Oh how I do love a malty beer, and this one, Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale, 6.2% abv, and fits that perfectly. This style red ale focuses on malts in the beer. River Falls pour a nice dark orange, amber almost red hued color with a two finger off white almost tan head. The head sticks around nicely, with a decent amount of pretty lacing. Light does come though the beer a little, and there is a small to medium amount of carbonation there. The aroma on this red ale is of a nice breaded sweeter malt, and a slight caramel, but a tiny amount. The aroma is not too strong nor is it to week; I found it to be a perfect balance. The taste is malty sweet with nice bread notes coming though with a touch of caramel. There is a little sweetness from the malts, more of a tiny caramel flavor on the back of your tongue. The mouth feel is big with sweet malts. River Falls really covers your tongue nicely and really spreads that nice sweet malt around and finishes smooth creamy and refreshing. The aftertaste is bready malty slightly sweet, but does not stay to long, but just long enough for it to get a great flavorful aftertaste, leaving your mouth feeling a bit velvety. So I'm giving this an A. A great malt forward red ale that is smooth and not overly sweet. This is a greatly brewed effort from the folks a Thomas Creek. I highly recommend this beer, so please remember to head over to Mike's Discount Beverages, 4700 Park RD Charlotte NC 28209 for this Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale and all your fine wine and beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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